Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Three and a little sulk!!!

Day Three

Word count: 907 - no where near as good as the last two days but I'm feeling achey all over... hope I'm not succombing to the bug that struck down the rest of my little family last week! Grrr!!

Fave line of the day - Nothing stood out as that wonderful today, but here's one I didn't mind:

‘If you must know I was having a relationship with my boss, he proposed marriage and I turned him down.'

Also I STILL haven't heard whether or not the editor I'm dealing with at M&B has even received the partial of 'RHRT' which I sent almost a month ago. I'm hoping that a) she's received it and is just mega busy and b) she likes it and has sent it further up the food chain for another opinion! Hey... a girl can dream right? I succumbed and read a little of this mss today (even though I've put it aside for a while) and I would SO love to know what she thinks of it. 

Oh well... in the absence of any communication from Richmond...I better just keep writing, just keep writing, keep writing, writing, writing, writing!

Speaking of which, I'm almost at the end of chapter three and am wondering if I need 'A little less conversation, a little more action.' Anyone else find it hard to switch off their internal editor and just WRITE?!?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Argh, the waiting SUCKS! I think you can be happy that she's received your partial - even though she hasn't replied yet. Maybe if she hadn't received it she would have replied? Anyway, the only cure is writing.

Yes, switching off the internal editor is really hard. Incapacitate it with something - chocolate? Martinis? Chocolate martinis?? ;-)

Joanne Cleary said...

Gosh the waiting times stink don't they. I'm amost gad I haven't submitted yet. Amost :-)

Lorraine said...

The 'not knowing' is dreadful. I think you're employing the right strategy though, by just getting on with it.

There's been a spate of blogger writers locking their internal editors in cupboards lately. Best follow Jackie's advice and give her a few chocolate martinis first. An IE with a grudge does not bear thinking about ;-)

Cathryn said...

My internal editor is completely feral and edits EVERYTHING from manuscripts to Twitter posts, emails and beyond. Damn thing never goes away which means my words sometimes only trickle out. Can be very frustrating when I set word and time goals.

Absolutely loving the line of the day posts, Rach. There's some brilliant ones there. But then, I'd expect no less from you.

And I think we all understand the pain of waiting. Tis an 'orrible fact of writing life. Unfortunately.

Rachael Johns said...

Ooh love the sound of chocolate martinis Jackie!

Yep - am with ya Joanne... easier to dream, me thinks!

Lorraine - maybe we should buy an online cupboard where we could send all our FERAL IEs!!

Cath - aw... thanks for loving my lines!

Lacey Devlin said...

Chocolate martinis before writing... I wonder if that would make my writing better or worse?? My trick for the IE is not to read anything prior. The rule is NO REREADING and anything you type has to stay there. Delete button? What delete button?

Sounds insane doesn't it, but it's the only way I could get through WriMO without having a breakdown!

Lucy King said...

My internal editor paralyses me so can totally sympathise. Good luck with the writing marathon!