Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day Six and a whole load of rambles!

Day Six

Word Count: 856 (although I may add a few more after this post - who knows!)

Fave line of the day: Really hard to pick cos I'm not particularly fond of ANY OF THEM today but...
Pushing aside these disturbing thoughts, she climbed the stairs, braved the shadows in the attic and curled in the fetal position on the single bed, only to tear back the covers moments later when her nose spasmed at the smell of smoke.

Word Count Thus Far: 6623

Now for the ramblings...

*My new friend Janette (whom I met at the RWA Perth Roadshow) has just started a blog - check it out at Tales of a Romance Nerd. Don't you just love that blog title?

*I'm finding it hard to switch off my internal editor - harder than hard, almost impossible. I keep wondering whether I've got the setting right and it's not a simple case of finding all the Edinburgh's and replacing with the name of a made-up smaller town, because this will change the WHOLE essence of the story. But I'm worried about using Edinburgh, because a) I wanted a small-town feel and b) I fear I don't remember Edinburgh in enough detail for what I want to describe. 

*I LOVE writing beginnings of stories. They just seem to flow so nicely for me and the characters really speak to me... until I hit about 10k... and then nothing seems right and the characters suddenly turn into two-dimentional cardboard cutouts!! ARGH!! 

*My hero is proving very obtuse. In almost 12k  I've had about 1000 of those words in his pov and although he's been talked and thought a lot about by the heroine, he's been absent for at least a third of the words so far. Is this too much (for Superromance?) I keep asking myself this question and getting different answers. 

*On a totally random note... I made the most DELICIOUS dessert yesterday night. I wrapped whole, peeled and cored apples in a piece of shortcrust pastry, sprinkled with sugar and baked in the oven. Served hot with ice-cream this was possibly the yummiest Apple Pie-type dessert I've ever had. Go on... try it... you know you want to!


Anne McAllister said...

There's a piece of software called TYPEWRITER which will effectively turn off your inner editor because it works just like a typewriter did, and since correcting isn't easy with it (no going back and tinkering possible, you have to retype the whole thing), you have to focus on just writing.

You can probably find it just by putting it in a search engine. If you can't, email me and I'll dig up the link for you.

Good luck. And the apple dessert sounds scrumtious.

Janette Radevski said...

Hi Rach

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I dare say it will soon turn into an outlet for my whinging!

Lacey Devlin said...

Ooo I like the sound of that typewriter software too!

I love the beginnings of a story too! But you're right around the 10K mark I suddenly realise that my characters have shifted down a gear :(

Travel guides help me when I'm describing places I have a vague memory of or no memory at all of lol!

I suddenly want apple pie...

Janette Radevski said...

PS - Forgot to add a few things:

*Internal editor - ALWAYS on in my mind too. I feel I over analyse everything esp with respect to the hero.

*Speaking of heros and POV - I am concurrently working on two wips, but am finding one wip has much less of his POV than the other. I guess you go for what 'feels right' for the story.

*That apple dessert sounds yummy!