Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you believe in signs?

Life is crazy at the moment and with so much supermarket stuff to focus on, writing has been taking a back seat :( But I got the best writing boost the other day when I found out I placed second in the Romance Writers of Australia Single Title and Loving It contest.

I was actually gob-smacked cos this story is what I call pseudo Aussie rural romance and therefore I thought it was miles away from what Diane Moggy (final judge and high up person in Harlequin) would like. But she obviously thought it had something worthy in it :)

Anyway this placing got me thinking. I've had a bad run with my category attempts lately.
*Rejection after full with revs.
*Rejection after partial and direction to sub via slush pile again
*Not placing after finalling in the RWA Oz High Five (at category aimed) contest
*Not placing after finalling in the RWA Selling Synopsis with my category aimed wip

Yet, I got great feedback from all the first round judges for the Single Title contest and lovely feedback and a fab placing from the final judge.


Is it the universe's way of telling me I should focus on my contemporary single title and let my category attempts take a back seat for a while? I'm not sure!

So I'd love your thoughts... do you believe in signs!?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviours

January 2nd and so far I'm pretty happy with how I'm going with my goals. Have exercised ever day this year - lol - and also devoted at least an hour to my writing dream. I didn't actually mention but I do have ONE resolution this year and that is to write for at least ONE hour EVERY day!

In an aim to kick-start these habits, I've signed up for a Margie Lawson online class to try and help me beat some of the demons that are stopping me achieving my writing goals.

I'd say my two biggest demons are:
1) Self-doubt
2) Procrastination

Self-doubt stops me finishing my Single Title because I worry I don't have a BIG enough story. Self-doubt makes me fuss too much over first drafts when I should just worry about finishing the damn book.

Procrastination means I waste valuable time online when I could be writing.

Hopefully Margie's course will give me some ammunition to deal with these demons and others I may not yet have recognized as being a problem.

I'll keep you updated as I participate in the course. Is anyone else taking this class?

PS. Don't forget to read my last posts about books read in 2010 cos I'd love to know which was YOUR best book!?