Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HUGE congrats!!

My very good friend Fiona Lowe (Medical romance author for Harlequin Mills and Boon and RITA-AWARD winning author for Carina Press) has just been nominated for a RITA AWARD, which you probably got from my description of her.

I had the VERY HUGE honour of reading this book BEFORE it was published and I just fell in love with it. I was not at all surprised when the clever Charlotte Herscher (who also happens to be my Carina Press editor - see, did I not tell you she was clever?) snapped Fiona's BOOMERANG BRIDE up. Since it was published by Carina Press last August, this book has gone Direct-to-consumer in the US and now this... the first CARINA book to be nominated for the prestigious RITA Awards.

I am just so thrilled for Fiona, Charlotte and Carina and I hope if you haven't yet read this book, you do so soon. It's such a gorgeous story!!! I WISH you the best with the final round Fiona. xo


Matilda Geoffrey risked it all for love. She left Australia to be with Barry—the man who had swept her off her virtual feet. Now, wearing a wedding dress, she's alone on Main Street in small-town Wisconsin, and things aren't working out exactly as planned...

In town for his annual family visit, Marc Olsen had never seen a bride quite like Matilda—staring into a storefront window, holding a tottering wedding cake, and looking desperately in need of a groom. He may not have any warm feelings for his hometown,but meeting Matilda just as she discovers she's been scammed by her online "fiancé" stirs something in him.

Matilda is not the kind of woman Marc imagined himself with, and Marc is anything but the romantic hero that Matilda has always dreamed of. But as unlikely circumstances throw them together, can they let go of their misconceptions and risk their hearts for love?

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Scarlet Wilson said...

Right there with you Rach! think this a cracker of a book and absolutely deserves to be there! Role on July when hopefully it will be announced as the winner!

Rachael Johns said...

Wouldn't that be just perfect Scarlet :)

Joanne Dannon said...

Wow - I'm thrilled for Fiona!!

BB is a brilliant read and she is a most worthy nominee :)

Rachael Johns said...

Ain't that the truth Joanne. Have everything crossed for her taking out the prize!

Fiona Lowe said...

Thanks, RACH! Sorry I missed seeing this...have been suckered by a nasty cold. It was very kind of you to post. xxf

Fiona Lowe said...

Scarlet and Joanne...so glad you enjoyed the book. I know Joanne had to wrestle her iPad away from the kids to read it ;-)