Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meant For Each Other

I recently read Lee Duran's Superromance titled ''Meant For Each Other.'' It's one of the ones meant for the now defunct Everlasting Love line (following a love over decades)  and I really like it.

It was different to most categories in that the hero and heroine were very flawed. The heroine gave their baby away when she was in her teens and this is a secret she keeps from the hero till they are pushing retirement age. 

The hero however really shocked me. When they first get married, he falls in with a bad crowd (who happen to be the couple's housemates) and ends up getting totally stoned on drugs. While off his face, he sleeps with an absolutely horrendous character who has been trying to steal him away from the heroine for ages. So we have a drug-taking, cheating hero? He's definitely one of the first I've seen in category romance... 

Strangely, or perhaps not so, this is one of my favourite romances for a while. It showed a love between REAL people, people who aren't always perfect and it showed how as imperfect people we need to be able to forgive our loved ones if we truly want to live happy lives.

Love to hear if you've read any books that stood out as different lately?


Barbara said...

Hey, Rach,

Thanks for mentioning the book. I am going to pick it up from eHarlequin.

I haven't read anything different lately. I wonder if they allowed this because it is from the Everlasting line.


The Dribbler said...

Wow....I mean....WOW!
Now that's exactly the sort of book I'm interested in. Thanks for the heads up, Rach. I'll have to look for it now.

I've read plenty of "different" things recently but they aren't exactly romances. But I can HIGHLY recommend Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle if you want an unputdownable love story. That book had me hooked from the very first page. Awesome. No wonder he was paid a megabucks advance.