Monday, January 26, 2009

Addicted to Wii-Fit

I think I finished my mss JUST in time. You see it was my birthday on Sunday and my DH gave me a Wii and a Wii-Fit. I've always been adamently against computer/video games - don't see the point - but I'd read on a few writing blogs about the Wii-Fit and it sounded fascinating. Must have dropped enough hints because early Sunday morning my three big men (baby was asleep) piled two big boxes on the bed next to me, eager smiles almost splitting their faces. I unwrapped and joined them in the silly grinning! 

I've had the toy two days now and am constantly wanting to play. Despite the fact it tells me I'm overweight, and let's face it, fairly uncoordinated, I keep going back for more. Am loving Hoola Hooping and Step Aerobics. But I know when I get stuck into a new novel, my Wii time will have to become my writing time again.

Or perhaps I'll use Wii as a reward once I've written a certain amount. Has to be better than chocolate! 

Do you use rewards to get writing done?


Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I love my Wii Fit...Did it 7 days in a row and skipped yesterday..I think I'm having withdrawals!!

Jackie said...

Sadly I am a computer gamer - not shoot 'em up ones, the fantasy ones. So if I'm not in front of my PC writing, I'm in front of my PC playing games. Perhaps that's the excuse I need to get another console?? ;-)

The Dribbler said...

Don't you do yourself (or any furniture) an injury now, Rach.

Sounds like huge fun though and far too addictive.

Still, you can console yourself that its exercise. And let's face it, how can that possibly be bad?

Though I don't like the idea of an inanimate object telling my I'm pudgy. I can do that perfectly well myself!