Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals for 2009...

I know we're almost nine days into 2009 and I'm way behing the times on New Year's resolutions, but really... I have NO time at the moment. Have been trying to catch up on sleep and edit WWMM at the same time as doing all life's other necessities. But enough on the excuses.... I'm not making resolutions exactly, just goals of things I'd like to achieve by the end of this year.  Of course, I'd like to be published but that's not something I have total control over, so that's not on the list.

 All the things are achievable if i really, truly, absolutely, completely (can you tell I've been reading Charlie and Lola to my boys) put my all into it!

* To finish editing WWMM and submit the full to Lucy Gilmour by the end of January - this is TOTALLY achievable.
*To write another category targetted romance (well at least one, but I'm being realistic that I have three young boys) - either for Modern Heat or Superromance, depending on feedback I get from editors. 
*To read more how-to books - this was on my ''goal'' list last year and it didn't really happen. And books about writing - I've just ordered ''Becoming a writer'', which people have been raving about on RomAus, from Book Depository. 
*To participate in an online writing bootcamp and attend the Romance Roadshow in WA. 

Now... non writing related:
*To get my toddler out of nappies - BRING IT ON!
*To lose enough weight that I'll look good in little shorts next summer - okay.. so maybe I'm dreaming!

What about you... what's your biggest goal for 2009??


Joanne said...

Yep, goals are def better than NY resolutions ;)

One of my goals is to finish my ms and sub to HMB in the next 3 months :)

Cheers, Joanne

Christina Phillips said...

My goal this year is to finish off all the writing related things I left hanging last year - iow if I start something I must finish it!!

And I want to attend the WA roadshow again this year!

Oh and I suppose another goal should be to go to Curves more often than twice a month. UGH!!!

Sussan Marz said...

I haven't made a list yet (soon), I never follow them fully anyway. But, in the past I sometimes end up achieving other things not on my lists that are way cooler :-). Here's to a successful 2009!

Jackie said...

Hey Rach, hope your ms is proceeding apace! I'm sending mine in a couple of days. Argh...!

With you on the nappy front - my little girl came finally out of them while we were away. No more nappies ever again (apart from at night). Woohoo!

My resolution should be to finish the two mss I have hanging around like bad smells, and NOT working on my hot new idea. Sigh...

Eleni Konstantine said...

Agree it is better to have goals. Resolutions feel so final and hence likely to fail.

Good luck with your list.

I did have a list on my blog somewhere of my targets. The biggest one for me is to finishing editing my MS and start sending it out there.

Lucy said...

Good luck with the goals, Rach. My biggest aim this year is to write more efficiently, but with a 2009 wordcount of 0, am so far failing miserably...

Rachael Johns said...

Hey gals

I hope all of you achieve your goals. I'm desperately trying to achieve my first of subbing my full to M&B by end of Jan but there's so much to do and so little me-time!! If anyone knows where I could buy some time... I'm prepared to pay