Saturday, January 24, 2009

Done and Dusted!

I feel just like this kitty! Exhausted but with a smug smile on my face that it's finally over. 

I have finally finished my edit of ''The Who's Who of Matt McKinnell'' with just over a week to go till my self-imposed deadline. M&B requested the full of this mss asking me to take into account the following before revising it for submission:

*Alpha up the hero.
*Deepen the emotional conflicts of both Matt and Libby.
*Make sure Libby has her own internal emotional conflict.

Sounds easy when summarised like that, but I'm agonising over whether or not I've come close to achieving the above. One things for certain, in trying to enhance the conflicts, I've managed to write far more than the word count required for Modern Heat. WWMM comes in at just over 55k, so I'm seriously worried that if they do warrant this mss worthy of revisions, I'll end up writing a book that's too long for them anyway. 

Time to stop worrying and forward the story onto a couple of people who said they'd read not to crit but as if they were reading a real book and let me know if there's any major NO-NOs!! Then... next Friday... I'm pushing send. 

Wish me luck!


bec_s said...


Fiona Lowe said...

Sensational RACH! It can't have been easy with three young children so GO YOU!
Fingers crossed.

Jackie said...

Rach, that's so fantastic! I don't know if you felt like me, but I just wanted that baby out of my hair. I would have quite happily NEVER looked at it again.

And honestly, I wouldn't worry about the word count. Cutting is easy to do and if they like the story, a couple of thousand words won't matter.

And they will like it, I'm positive! Dying to read your chapter btw...

Felicity said...

I,m with you Jackie. Over schmover, it is easier to cut the excesss I think. I am dying to read your chapter. Any idea when it is going up on the website.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

I did leave a comment, but can't see it. lol.

Good Luck with your submission Rach. Sounds very interesting, especially when they have pin pointed what to fix.

All the best,
Suz :)
Oh, just love the picture of the little kitten. So cute!

Lucy said...

Fantastic, Rach! Am sure it'll be great. I know what you mean about agonising over those revisions though... Far worse than sending the thing in in the first place, imo!!

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks everyone for your HUGE cheers!

And yep Jackie - I'm well and truly OVER IT!!