Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I love writing for Harlequin!

Last year my biggest dream came true - I signed first with Carina Press (Harlequin's digital imprint) and then with Harlequin for the imprint MIRA Australia.

Harlequin have been my dream publisher since I really started focusing on romance in 2006. Why? Because they know ROMANCE!! Harlequin are THE BIGGEST romance publisher in the WORLD and also one of the biggest publishers full stop. They not only keep up with new publishing trends but they are often the ones setting them. They have a huge distribution network and ensure their books are well placed in book shops to reach loads of readers.

My stories are very much romances - they focus on the hero and heroine and their journeys to discover true love! All my novels have active secondary characters and the longer ones have additional plots beside the romance but the ROMANCE is what makes the book. So what better place for them to find a home than with Harlequin?

However... there's another reason I'm so very happy to be with Harlequin. It's about the chocolates and the champagne!!

When I signed with Harlequin Australia for Jilted (Mira, June 2012), I received a lovely bottle of champagne in the mail and a congratulations card from the team in Sydney. THAT made my day almost as much as getting the original call. I took a photo but still haven't cracked open the bubbly. I'm thinking I might do that the day I get to hold a copy of Jilted in my own hands.

Now if THAT wasn't generous enough, today I got a beautiful box of chocolates - Happy Valentines Love Harlequin! I haven't heard of any other publisher who is so generous with warm fuzzies like Harlequin is and I'm PROUD and HAPPY to be one of their authors.


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone. I'd love to hear what fabulous gifts or gestures YOU got!!


Anita Joy said...

...and from your hubby?

We don't do anything for VD (hate the whole commercial side of it) but I hope for those who do they were spoiled by their special someone.

Joanne Dannon said...

Love the chocs - just gorgeous!!! Hope they taste as good as they look :)

We usually exchange cards but since DH isn't home I can only hope I also get some chockies ;)

BTW - I'm like you. HM&B are my dream publishers and I would looooove to be published by them. Fingers crossed I do! Cheers to you that you are :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Megan said...

Oh they sound amazing! Out of curiosity, how did you sign with them? Did you need to submit a manuscript?

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

Mel Teshco said...

Champagne too?? Where do I sign?? LOL!!
And the choccies are lovely, too good to eat I think! (if my girls don't get hold of them first!)

Rachael Johns said...

My hubby Anita? Are you having a laugh?! Actually I got roses from the shop that weren't sold but he DID go to the effort of putting them in a vase :) Like you, we're not really into VD!

Joanne - I so hope your dream comes true very soon! And I hope you got some good chocs!

Megan - They WERE amazing!! I sold Jilted after a impromptu conference pitch. I was very lucky.

Mel - I almost thought the chocs were too good to eat too, but then I thought... come on, do I really want to watch them slowly go off??

Scarlet Wilson said...

Hope you've eaten all those chocs rach - no slacking now!

beck nicholas said...

Sigh... how lovely!

We don't like to spend money but he did make dinner and surprised me with flowers so that was nice.

Helene Young said...

GW drove me up to the Tablelands so I could do a library talk. We'd both had busy days at work so he wracked up huge brownie points for that little mission :)

Love your champagne and chocolates from HM&B!

Rachael Johns said...

Scarlet - would you believe I STILL have some left AND I shared?

Beck - flowers and not having to cook sounds divine!

Helene - your man sounds like a REAL hero :)