Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shhh.. Your Character Has a Secret!

I have lots happening in the writing part of my world at the moment and I'm hoping to have some good news to share but at the moment, it's a secret.

And as it happens, I'm also starting a Savvy Authors writing course today, entitled ''Shhh... Your Character Has a Secret.''

I love books about secrets - they give that touch of mystery that I love to read in a romance - and I have sketchy ideas for my next two books about characters with secrets, so can't wait to get started in this course.

I haven't done a Savvy Authors course before but have heard only good.

Here's the spiel for the one I'm about to start:

Sshhh… Your Character Has A Secret

Instructor: Sue Viders and Becky Martinez. Secrets are a staple in fiction. Just about any great leading character has some sort of secret he/she does not want the world to know. How can you come up with a secret for your hero or heroine and how can you use that secret to build conflict?   Join two published authors and teachers for a week-long class who will introduce you to the power of secrets—from big to small—from old to new—and who will show you how using secrets can build tension, provide conflict and make your character much more believable. 

So what about you? Have you done a fabulous writing course lately that you'd recommend to other writers?


Joanne Dannon said...

Sounds fabulous - can't wait to hear how you go :)

I did and enjoyed April Kihlstrom's BIAW - I will def be doing that one again :)

Lacey Devlin said...

You tease! Tell me your secret!

Your course sounds fabulous, Rach. I wish I'd had the energy to sign up :-)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

No of late, no I haven't completed any courses... but it does look really intersting and tempting. Do you have to be online for it everyday?

Okay, I purposely came here thinking you were spilling the beans.. The suspense is killing me, or almost killed my heroine. lol.. I'll be back later. :) :) Can I bring a glass of red, or perhaps Champagne. :)

Kez said...

I'm actually doing another one with Sue & Becky atm called The Plotting Wheel. This is the 2nd one I've done of theirs - they're very good..

Rachael Johns said...

Joanne - that sounds like an awesome course. I was contemplating doing her next one but the timing just isn't right :(

Lacey - sorry. Will spill as soon as I can.

Suz - I don't think you need to be online all the time. It's conducted in a forum which you can log in and out of at your leisure!

Kez - ooh I've heard about The Plotting Wheel. It sounds good. And glad to hear you've enjoyed their courses before. THanks :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Laurie Schnebly Plotting Via Motivation. I found that really good!
*knows secret* :-)

Coleen Kwan said...

Sounds like an unusual course. I haven't done one in a while.

joanne pibworth said...

I need to know your secret, I demand that you tell me!!!! lol!

You'll never guess what the captcha was for this! It was "Rach should tell Joanne her secret"

What were the odds??


I have no clue what teh rest of your post said only got that far and had to comment!

Rachael Johns said...

Jackie - I did that course too. Was very helpful :)

Coleen - I haven't done one for ages either but I had a vague idea of a heroine who has a secret. My problem is I don't know what her secret is yet. I have her and a title but no plot :)

LOL Joanne - your comments have totally made my morning and cracked me up! I'll spill as soon as I can. x

Madeline Ash said...

Ooh, you have a secret...whisper it to me, and I'll promise to stay quiet ;-) Can't wait to hear the news when you can tell us!

I haven't written many characters with secrets, and seemingly I'm making up for lost time, because in my wip, both the hero and heroine have secrets. Big ones, that they would hate for the other to know. It's fun! That course sounds brilliant, I hope it helps you figure out what your heroine's secret will be. I don't tend to do courses (shame on me), so will live vicariously through you when you post back about how you went!

Rachael Johns said...

MAdeline - I can't wait to share my secret too :) And you're book with all those wonderful, juicy secrets sounds fabulous. I don't think you need to worry about not doing courses - it's not a writing pre-requisite, I just find them fun :)