Monday, August 15, 2011

Romance Writers of Australia Day One!

I got up at the crack of dawn last Thursday, excited and bouncing to get into the taxi and on my way to the airport to catch a flight to ''From Here To Eternity'' the 2011 conference for Romance Writers of Australia. I had the most gorgeous (yes, inside and out taxi driver) but unfortunately forgot to take a photo of him.

On the plane I read my gorgeous CP Jackie Ashenden's book and looked forward to seeing my other gorgeous CP Becca J Heath at the airport. My plane was a little late but Becca waited patiently (actually, she happily escaped into the land of a book) and once we met up, we were on our way!

The first person we saw was ANOTHER gorgeous CP of mine Cathryn Hein - yeah, I'm amazingly blessed in the CP department. All my CPs are talented writers and gorgeous people, making them fabulous friends. My favourite part about the romance writing conf is meeting up with my friends, whom I talk to LOADS online but only see once a year if I'm lucky!

The afternoon was spent chilling with roomie Becca J Heath in our hotel room and then in the evening I attended my first ever Harlequin Author dinner. HUGE thanks to the gorgeous team at Harlequin Australia for inviting me along - I had a blast! See below for some photos from the night.

Debut Special Edition author - the divine Helen Lacey with her NEWBIE AUTHOR chick, given to all new Harlequin, Mills & Boon or Carina authors by the established Aussie authors.

Me, with the gorgeous and supremely talented Nikki Logan and Leah Ashton. All of us hail from WA and these two ladies are very special to me :)

More conference posts tomorrow....


Jackie Ashenden said...

Love it Rach! You're completely gorgeous too!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Keep the photos coming Rach. :) It's great to see them. And I'm happy you had such a good time.
Hopefully next year we will catch up. lol. :)

Bec said...

Great wrap up Rach! Looking forward to more. Miss you already!!

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks for the photos, Rach. I'm in love with the newbie author chick. How cute is that!

Congrats on your First Sale ribbon!

Mel Teshco said...

I'm sooo jealous Rach, but a little too blah right now to be too green lol!! Hopefully I'll see you there next year (without those wigs!!)

Helen Lacey said...

Was so great to meet you Rach! You rock. And yes, getting that little chick was a highlight. Looking forward to next year already!

scarlet wilson said...

More! More Rach! I need more!
Looking gorgeous as ever!

Rachael Johns said...

Aw thanks Jackie! xo

Suz - can't wait to see ya next year :)

Bec - Miss you too. xo

Lacey - the newbie chick was AWESOME. Will you be saving for next year? Would so love to meet you!

Mel - hope you get over your blah! How was Clayton's? Definitely next year!

Helen - the countdown is ON!!

Scarlet - am about to do another post :)