Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Two - Bob Mayer and Cocktails!

After a late night chatting in my room to the gorgeous Becca J Heath, we still managed to wake up before my barking dog alarm!

Friday was Bob Mayer's Warrior Writer Workshop - he's actually changed the name, but I like Warrior Writer Workshop better anyway :)

FEAR - was talked about a lot in the first half of this workshop and this really resonated with me. He quoted Stephen King - ''Fear is the root of most bad writing.'' And spoke about ''you'' being the only person holding ''you'' back.

Some gold nuggets I got from Bob's workshop:
  • Rejection is high - TRY anyway!
  • Conquer your fear and change.
  • Networking is critical.
  • Titles - use words that don't belong together. Bad example but like ''Hot Snow''.
  • Go from craftsman to artist.
  • Be ruthless with yourself.
  • Success is a struggle.
  • Don't wait for the muse or you'll be unemployed!
  • You need rules as a writer - for yourself on parts of writing, marketing, etc. Like how often you'll blog and how much time to spend on Twitter.
  • Blog AT LEAST once a week but every three days is better.
  • Set goals! If you don't, you won't achieve them.
  • Write what you WANT TO KNOW!!!
  • Please yourself first but be aware of the consumer.
  • THREE is the magic number.
  • Keep your goals positive.
  • Reverse your thinking - think like a publisher.
  • Write in the POV you like reading.
  • Define yourself in ONE sentence.
  • 99% of what we do each day is habit.
  • Readers want to be entertained and informed.
  • Sometimes you have to write about a character you don't like and make them do things you don't agree with.
  • Emotion is more important than logic.
  • Action is the truest indicator of character.
  • If you really want to get to know a character, put them in crisis.
  • Have a growth mindset not a set mindset.
I left Bob's workshop early to go brainstorm with the very talented Fiona Lowe (who incidentally found out her book Boomerang Bride got a Romantic Times Top Pick this weekend). We chatted about the conflicts in my new mss - now titled ''Hollywood Heartbreak.'' I finally think I'm making some progress with these two characters :)

The evening of course was the fabulous Harlequin party - always a dress up, this year the theme was Roaring Twenties to tie in with RWAus's twenty birthday. As always it was a crazy night of drinking and talking and not having nearly enough time to catch up with everyone I wanted too. My highlight was meeting Carina Press Executive Editor, Angela James. Photos below :)

Me with the gorgeous Becca J Heath!

Becca J Heath and Jackie Ashenden at the bar! Aren't they stunning?
  • Cathryn Brunet/Hein (amazing writer), Angela James (editor extraordinaire) and me :)
  • This is me taking a photo of myself - as you do :) And the one above is the beautiful Leah Ashton and Joanne Dannon with moi on the right!


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT photos! Looks like a good time was had by all. Love the quotes from Bob Mayer, my top three favorites being:
1)Action is the truest indicator of character.
2)Don't wait for the muse or you'll be unemployed!
3)If you really want to get to know a character, put them in crisis.

Thanks so so much for sharing, Rachael!

Christina Phillips said...

Great list Rach, thanks for posting! And you all look completely lovely in the pics!!

Helen Lacey said...

A fabulous list Rach! Summed up Bob's workshop brilliantly. And the cocktail was terrific (Although I'm still finding feathers from that purple boa)
Great post

Lacey Devlin said...

Gorgeous pics. You look fabulous!

Thanks for the quotes too. Loved them.

Coleen Kwan said...

A great list, but one entry had me intrigued:
THREE is the magic number?
What does Bob mean?

Rachael Johns said...

Glad you liked the pics and the points Aimee :) I think I should get 'Don't wait for the muse or you'll be unemployed' up on my wall in poster format!

Christina - thanks! Are you planning on the Gold Coast next year?

Helen - ditto re my black boa!! lol

Lacey - you are so sweet :)

Coleen - good question. I didn't get ALL of this but part of it, he was talking about series of books. how many of the great successes are trilogies!

Jackie Ashenden said...

You are the stunning one, m'dear! Don't you look purty? Mum needs to send me the photos she took on her camera...
I loved those quotes - for me the big one is fear. Yes, fear made me write badly and held me back. It's time to kick it to the curb. :-)

Bob said...

Glad you got a lot out of the workshop. I had a great time in Melbourne. A wonderful group of people. All the best with your writing!

Rachael Johns said...

Aw Jackie - stop :) I hear ya on the fear though... I am right there right now.

WOW Bob thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with RWAus!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Great photos Rach. Loved reading about what Bob Mayer said. Thanks for posting. :)

Christina Phillips said...

Rach - YES! Definitely planning on going to the Gold Coast next year!!!

Fiona Lowe said...

Love the list, thanks RACH!