Sunday, October 3, 2010


Ha... that got you to come visit didn't it!? I figured if I wrote NO NEWS, you wouldn't bother reading... which is really the truth of this post :)

Sorry if you feel conned!!!

Anyway now for the NO NEWS!

I DIDN'T final in NEW VOICES (as you all know by now) but I wasn't really surprised. Whether my chap was good enough or not, I'll never know but I had a feeling they wouldn't pick a past finalist from one of their contests.

I DIDN'T meet my goal of writing another 20k on my Single Title in September - I barely made 2000k!

I DIDN'T sub anything but am planning to really soon. Have been battling it out with my synopsis for One Rogue, One Damsel for almost a week now (school hols here so NOTHING is happening fast) and have almost got it to a point I'm vaguely happy with. The BM and the ending have caused me REAL issues. I'm basically a pantser - I work out conflicts and some key scenes, usually a title too, and then I just go for it. Problem is that this time, I'm subbing a partial before having a complete mss (for a number of reasons) and so I can't write the synopsis checking back on what actually happened in the full. Thanks to fabulous CPs and writing buddies (you know who you are!), I've got it a lot better than I would have on my own :) And I think I'll send it off this week, unless I get chosen to be one of the NV extra 10 crits, in that case I'll wait till that feedback.

Although I didn't final in NV, I enjoyed reading the other entries (I unfortunately didn't read nearly as many as Susan Wilson) and am stoked for my fabulous writing friend and fellow sandgroper (someone who lives in WA) Leah Ashton who DID final. I've had a sneak peak of her second chap too and you won't be disappointed! However probably the highlight of NV for me was Heidi Rice's comments on my entry and her advice on how to tighten it up and improve the internal conflicts. Oh and the fact that she mentioned me as one of her faves on her blog was almost as good as Top Tenning it for me!

So... that's where I'm at. Not really any further than I was in September but then again there's lots of other things going on in my life at the moment. Our house is on the market, we've just bought a supermarket and are moving to a new country town early next year... so at the moment, ANY writing is a bonus!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with more riveting writing news or craft chat.
Until then....


Mel Teshco said...

I'm not surprised you havne't done a stack of writing - house on market - spuermarket!! ARGH!! (did I meantion kids too LOL)

Leah said...

I'm with Mel - house for sale, new business, kids on holidays - of course it's been near impossible for you to write!

I do have to mention my super excitedness (again!) that you are moving so much closer to Perth! I will lock you into regular gossip sessions (er, writing group meetings ;) ) as soon as you're settled in. Hooray!

And thanks for your confidence in my Chapter Two :)

susanwilson44 said...

What on earth? You've bought a supermarket?!! I am allowed to ask all the crazy questions that follow that statement, or should I just wish you well with your submission??

Rachael Johns said...

Ah... yeah and the kids Mel!!! We all know how distracting they can be.

Leah - after your writing frenzy I don't think any of us can have any excuses ANY more! You've just gone to show what you can do when there's the pressure of a deadline :)

Susan - more than willing to answer any questions! Anything to procrastinate from actual writing (although I DO love it)! If ya wanna email me my addie is Pink.Ink077 @ gmail dot com

Janette Radevski said...

LOL Rach, that's certainly a way to get our attention! I thought you were holding out on me for a second!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Good luck getting some writing done amidst all the other things going on in your life. Good luck with the move and new business. Sounds exciting!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol It really got my attention. lol.. :)

Good luck with the move, and new business. As for writing, it will happen when all the other things sort out.

All the best,
Suz :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on sending this week Rach! That's such exciting news.

Heidi's comments were a highlight for me too, especially when I ended up with one of my own. Priceless :)

I think you have more than enough excuses not to have gotten any writing done and yet here you are just about to submit!

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

lol Rach. i was way off. I thought you had another on the way.
Good luck honey


Rachael Johns said...

Thanks everyone for your excitement about our new venture - I go between being really excited and really, really scared!!

Lacey - wasn't Heidi just so generous with her comments?

Kerri - wash your mouth out!!!