Thursday, January 5, 2012

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

This year, my good friend Penny is trying to get me to join a number of reading challenges on Goodreads. One of them is pledge to read a certain number of new-to-you authors this year. This is a bit scary to me because there are already so many authors I want to read and am unable to keep up with, however, I think the universe must be sending me a message that I must look to widen my horizon because this week I got a lovely email from Carol at Simon & Schuster offering me a copy of Jennifer Wiener's latest book THEN CAME YOU and another copy for one lucky reader of my blog.

I have never read a Jennifer Weiner novel but have only heard good things about her. This one sounds fabulous and I can't wait to read it:

With her trademark humour and tender insight Jennifer Weiner brings us the heartfelt story of four women from very different walks of life.
Drawn together – in some cases reluctantly – by one woman’s quest to become a mother, the four women build a bond that will last forever.
Jules is a college student planning to use the $20,000 she will be paid for donating her eggs to save her dad from addiction.
Annie married her high school sweetheart and is a stay-at-home mother with two small boys. After years of surviving on her husband’s small wage, could surrogacy give them the extra cash they need?
India, 38 (really 43) wants to bind her relationship with her older husband Marcus. But when nature fails, she turns to Jules and Annie for help.
Bettina, 23 is India’s reluctant step-daughter who becomes the guardian to India’s unborn child when Marcus dies and India disappears.
This timely tale interweaves themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and donorship, the rights of a parent and the measure of motherhood.
Through her unforgettable, true-to-life characters, Weiner deftly reflects how the family we build round us – from strangers we meet along life’s path – is often the family we are closest to.

Jennifer Weiner is the international Number One bestselling author of nine novels, including Fly Away Home, Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and Certain Girls. In Her Shoes is now an internationally acclaimed film starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz. A graduate of Princeton University, Jennifer is also the executive producer for the ABC America Family TV show State of Georgia. She lives in Philadelphia with her family.

To win a copy of Jennifer's book, please like me on Facebook , leave a comment on this blog telling me you've done so and also answer this question - Tell me about someone in your life who isn't legally family or blood related but who you cherish as if they were?

One random commenter will go in the draw to win a copy of THEN CAME YOU! The competition closes Friday 13th at midnight Australian EST and the winner will be announced next Saturday.


Robyn said...

I have a friend who I went all the way through school with (primary and secondary) who was in my bridal party, who was married to my best friend for years but has since remarried, who is godparent to one of my sons, and who has never failed to be there when needed. I can't imagine a time without him in our lives, and I won't have to... he's become family ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rach, of course I "Like"d you!

That book looks amazing.

I come from a family that isn't all that close, so I have to say, blood ties mean less to me than friendship ties. What's that saying, "Kith not kin"?

The people besides my immediate family and my husband who mean most to me are my writing buddies, who I've never even met. Does that make me sad?

True though.

Rachael Johns said...

Robyn - your friend sounds like real hero material!

Jilly - I SO agree with you about writing buddies. It's amazing how my writing friends have become people I couldn't live without!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael i already become your friend list. About your question I know an auntie who loves me like if I am her own daughter. She knows how I love romance novels so she oftens bought romance novels for me. She supports me when I am sad and need someone next to me. She is that someone I would like to put in my family list:).

Rachael Johns said...

Hi Aretha - your friend sounds very special. Especially if she buys you romance novels :)

Bec said...

I have an extra "Mum" plus 2 sisters (and a brother-in-law) and two lovely neices - who arn't blood or legal relatives but really are like family. We our family finds really friends we tend to adpot them as family. People like that you can feel comfortable with always, and doesn't matter how long since you've seen them its like no time has past - the best kind!
(oh and i "liked" you too - your new rural/romance book sounds good - is it out soon?)

Rachael Johns said...

Hi Bec - I LOVE it that your family adopts extras. Sounds like the perfect family for a novel!! Thanks so much for your kind words about my rural - JILTED - it's out June (1st as far as I know)!

Anonymous said...

My CP is pretty special *grin*.

I have a friend from school who is like a sister. We lost both our mums to cancer within a few weeks of each other when we were around twenty and it helped to have someone knowing what we were going through.


Joanne Dannon said...

Hi Rach - you know I "like" you ;)

There are so many good authors out there and I'd love to read more - it's finding the time!!

BTW - the book excerpt sounds fab

I have a couple of friends who are brilliant. When DH is away they always invite us over, call me and make sure I am fine. I feel very blessed to have them in my life :)

Helene Young said...

Rach, how wonderful that you're being contacted by publishers with offers of books! You're an established blogger and multi-pubbed author!

Jennifer's book sounds like it digs into some very painful territory with a fascinating theme.

I have several girlfriends who have been with me for most of my life and are like sisters (although my own sister is still number one!). I also have a friend who I met when I started flying lessons and he's the little brother I always wanted. He recently got married and I couldn't have been happier for him - now I'm looking forward to a whole new family of nieces and nephews to spoil!

Carla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carla said...

I've liked your page! In answer to your question, is it wrong to fall a little bit in love with your own heros when you're writing them? I always find myself doing that!

Kerri Williams said...

Love the post and the books concept.

I have two children of my own and two step and believe me they bring a whole lot of extra loved ones through our door; whether they need love, help or to feel a part of a family. These are our adopted children.
But dont think its just one way- my hubby and I were told we couldn't have children but we tried anyway because he thought he was a hero and that heroes and their damsels are supposed to have the HEA. He was right and we received more love then sometimes we can handle, appreciate or know what to do with and yet we wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks Rach.

faithspage said...

I have a very dear guy friend, and he is like a big brother to me. He said he would give me away when I am married.

kyfaithw at aol dot com

Michelle Dennis Evans said...

Sounds like a fun challenge.
I already pokey you on fb

Stephanie @ Read In a Single Sitting said...

Great topic, Rachael. I suppose for me it would be my step-dad. Though he and my mum aren't married, he's helped raise me over the years, and I value the input he's had into my life.

Erica said...

My father passed away 5 years ago but I still love [and admire] his girlfriend. Always there for me.

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Nancye said...

I love Jennifer Weiner! She is an amazing writer! I really enjoy her books!I have been wanting to read this book since it came out. I would LOVE to win a copy!! :)

I like you on Facebook

One of the most important people (besides my family) is my best friend Lea Ann. We have been best friends since we were in 2nd grade (WAY-WAY-WAY back in 1978!! Yeah! I'm that old!!) We have been there each other for absolutely everything: tons of school events, graduations, our weddings, the birth and adoption of our kids, deaths, illnesses, lots of happy and sad events, and the list just goes on and on and on......! We are there for each other for everything. I pray for this friendship to last for the rest of forever.

Thanks for the giveaway!
nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks everyone for commenting and liking on Facebook. Only one more day and we'll be choosing a winner!

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Brasil said...

Written by one of my favorite adult authors, Then Came You has been high on my wish list for a while now, so when the chance finally arrived to read it, I was thrilled to say the least. Thankfully, Then Came You is yet another fabulous novel by Weiner. Inspiring, compelling, and heartwarming, it manages to pick you up within the first chapter and not let you down until the very last.

Then Came You tackles the heavily discussed topics of surrogacy and egg donorship within the lives of four very different women. It all began when India Bishop decided that there is only one way to secure the dream-worthy live with her new, wealthy husband she imagines and deservers: a baby. The problem? She's unable to have one, which brings Jules, the egg donor, and Annie, the surrogate, into the picture. Jules, a poor college student, and Annie, a young mother who wants to be the giver instead of the taker for once, are facing problems of their own, problems that will-hopefully-be alleviated with the money promised. Too bad Bettina, India's daughter-in-law, doesn't see the promise nor the goodness in India and her plans, and after a meeting with a promising detective, Bettina sets out to not only reveal India's secret past, but also ruin India. However, what happens when a surprising development leaves these women in disarray and...dependent on one another? Will they come to see the light in each other and their own problems as well as lives, or will everything end badly? Only time and more pages can tell in this promising new novel!