Friday, September 23, 2011

Virtual Writing Weekend

I got lucky this weekend - Hubby said a while ago that he wanted to take the three heroes-in-training (lol at that, I pity the women who get them sometimes) to visit his mother who lives three hours away. I offered - once - to go along too but he insisted I stay behind and write. So aside from four hours in the shop tomorrow morning, this weekend is MINE to write guilt-free!!

So, my lovely CP, Jackie Ashenden and I, are having a VIRTUAL WRITING WEEKEND. She lives in another continent to me, so this is the best we can do. We both have no kids, lots of snacks (actually, I don't, cos I've just started a DIET) and the whole weekend to write up a storm?!

Are you jealous? I would be :)


scarlet wilson said...

Very jealous. Not fair. I have a hideously busy weekend with the kids where at one point I actually have to be in three places at the one time! On the good side I've reached my 30,000 words. But I seriously doubt I'll write anymore!

Anita Joy said...

I have the kids all day today on my own so, yes, the green daggers are out... have a great weekend Rach!

Lacey Devlin said...

Very jealous. You're dead to me.


P.S. Isn't your hubby lovely for insisting you stay behind and write? Full brownie points for him.

Rachael Johns said...

It's a rarity Scarlet!!! And well done you on getting to 30k so quickly :) In awe.

Anita - hope you survived. x

Lacey - dead? Sad!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yeah!!! Though NZ isn't really a continent. Lol! I just wish we were in the same time zone. Why is Perth so far behind?? Grrrr.

Rachael Johns said...

True Jackie - what IS NZ then!? Is it part of Australia? I don't know if the NZers would like that assumption? What do YOU think?