Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Craft Book Post

Have been wracking my brain what to blog about!

Thought about chatting about my parenting highs and woes but the hilarious Caitlyn Nicholas does a MUCH better job at me than that.

Thought about interviewing characters but the talented Helene Young has been running a series of posts like this on her blog and if you haven't checked them out already then you MUST!

Thought about running a contest but a) I've got nothing worth giving away yet and b) The lovely Minxes have got contests covered this month.

Thought about painting another picture to post but... well... I think the last one I did speaks for why that was NOT a good idea.

Then I read Fleur McDonald's groovy posts about bookshelves - you must check this out. It made me feel a WHOLE lot better about my own bookshelves which are over-crammed and not ordered at all. It also made me glance at said bookshelves and recall the numerous craft books I have, which have barely been touched. Seriously, I could get away with selling MOST of them as NEW!

And THAT gave me idea! I thought each week, I'd randomly open one of the craft books on my shelf and post a quick snippet about what's on that page.

So... drum roll... the first RANDOM CRAFT POST goes to NO PLOT? NO PROBLEM by
Chris Baty (famous for National Novel Writing Month) randomly opened to page 77, which provides a little fun advice for the dedicated writer.

His idea here is ''Treat-o-Rama.'' Chris states that "Allowing yourselves loads of restaurant meals, sugary treats and exotic beverages is the best way to keep your spirits high during the exhausting mental acrobatic routines you'll be pulling off the next month as you write.'' He goes on to suggest ways of feeding your muse during NaNoWriMo - takeaway meals, cooking in mass before the months starts, massive snacks and constantly pumping your body with fluids (water a must amongst the other less healthy bevs).

Now while RANDOM CRAFT POST this week was not specifically about writing craft it did seem an apt choice because next week Romance Writers of Australia 50ks in 30days thus begin. I have signed up to add 30k in 30 days to the current wip.

Anyone else signed up? If so... what TREATS do you plan to bribe your muse with???


Bec said...

Great post Rach - great timing. I should prob make some frozen stuff to help with the coming month... goes off to think...

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Really interesting post Rach. As for the 50k in 30 days, I reward myself at the end if I reach my goal.

Last time it was a pair of new boots. This time perhaps boots again, and a leather jacket. I've been trying to find a nice leather jacket for the last three months, and as yet haven't found one, on the net or anywhere. Note, I'm pretty fussy though.

I'll stock up on coffee before I begin my 50k.I think that should sustain me. :)

Anita Joy said...

I try not to, but late at night (not a good time for me, lol) I can be very tempted by choc cake in a mug. So easy and in just a few minutes I have hot choc cake. And I've discovered it is even better when you add choc buttons to it.

Rachael Johns said...

Bec - I always think that is a good idea but never get around to being that organised.

Suz - You are too good!! I like a reward at the end too of course :)

Anita - I've never actually tried that cake in a mug but have seen the recipe. Maybe I should NOT give it a go!

Bec said...

Ok, i need that cake recipe *closes eyes* no, it must be bad *opens them* Please??

Rachael Johns said...

Anita - I think you have your next blog post! If not, wanna be chef guest for mine?

Anita Joy said...

Happy to be guest chef for yours, Rach :) I blogged about it on my blog 2 years ago when I discovered it - but have improved the recipe since then.

Even have my hubby requesting it now (although he loves to add custard or cream to the top).

Lacey Devlin said...

I loved Baty's book because it was such a fun read. I'll have to sit this one out but I'll be cheering for you.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Fab idea, Rach! Love it! I should sign up...