Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Club

I've always wanted to join a book club and this was one of the things I was able to do when I recently moved towns. The library was starting up a community book club and I was quick to sign up.

One of the appeals of a book club is the social aspect of chatting to other book lovers. It's really interesting hearing how very different various people's takes on a book can be. Reading is a very personal thing. And then there's the supper of yummy food that is generally shared at the end.

But so far, the thing I'm enjoying most is the books I'm reading that I may not have picked up myself. I admit I am someone who JUDGES A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Always have, probably always will but I'm not the one picking all the books at book club so I can't do this.

This month we are reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It is the story of Dinah, Jacob's only daughter, from the bible. She is only mentioned very briefly in the bible and her story is told from the point of view of her brothers. In The Red Tent Anita Diamant tells the story of Dinah from her point of view and Dinah tells what life was like for the other women of her time - her mum and her aunts.

I'm only 100 pages into this book but for some reason it is gripping me. I don't know if it's because it's an alternative history (albeit a made up one) and I like these kind of things or if it is the writing. The writing in itself is very simple and there is not much dialogue. It is much more like a memoir.

I know had this book not been chosen for book club I would never have picked it up. But I'm glad I did.

Anyone else a member of a book club? Have you read a book through book club that you've liked but perhaps wouldn't have picked up on your own? I'd love to hear your reading experiences.


scarlet wilson said...

Hi Rach
LOVED The Red Tent, and like you I would never have picked it up, but a friend gave me it and recommended it.
It's just a little different from what I usually read and I think that's why it captured my attention so much.
Blogger appears to be letting me comment today - after a week of anonymity!

Rachael Johns said...

YAY - Scarlet is back :) Blogger has been doing bizarre things lately. I can't seem to comment on any blogs today :(
Now... have you got any other books to recommend that you wouldn't normally have picked up?

Gardening Garnish said...

Hi Rachel, If you like book clubs then you might be interested in - this is a site that helps readers and authors to discuss their favourite books using Twitter hashtags. Thanks, Aidan

Helen Lacey said...

Oh, Red Tent is in TBR pile - must go and put it to the top.
I read God Of Small Things through a book club many years ago - great book.
And yes, Blogger is warped at the moment.
Great post Rach :)

Rachael Johns said...

Hi Aideen - thanks for the link. I'll check it out :)

Thanks Helen - will put God of Small Things on the TBR list. I think I've heard it mentioned before!

Jackie Ashenden said...

I haven't read it. I think I might!

beck nicholas said...

I might have to read it now....
Post like this have helped me pick up book i wouldn't otherwise. I'm sure there have been other ways but head too foggy. Will think...

Rachael Johns said...

Do Jackie! It's great in its own special way :)

Beck - do share some of those books!

Aideen said...

Hi Rach,

When I came on here to post my comment I noticed that you had already thanked me for a recommendtation. I think the guy you want to thank is Aidan!! Anyways, The Red Tent is one of my all time favourite books. I just loved it from the opening paragraph. Not only is the story a fascinating one but the writing is pretty excellent too. Biblical themes always pull me in so I would have deliberately chosen this book while browsing the shelves. This is the kind of book you can read over and over and still discover something new each time. Loved it. Also loved Good Harbour, by the same author.

I always wanted to be in a book club too but sadly there doesn't seem to be a need for one on my doorstep. Maybe I'll be proactive and start my own!! It would mean a couple of extra hours away from my children but I'd be willing to make that sacrifice....LOL.

Rachael Johns said...

Whoops Aideen! Sorry Aiden. Anyway Aideen, you so should start your own bookclub. I'm sure you'd find other like minded people and it is SO much fun! I'll have to add Good Harbour to the TBR list too. x