Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Some people love em, some people loathe em! Thinking up titles that is.

I must admit that with most of my stories, I started with a title. I'm one of those writers who wasn't really able to start until I had a title I was happy with. Of course I knew that if I was ever lucky (cos it is a lot of luck) enough to get published, I would more than likely have to change the title. But I still needed one to start.

The story I recently sold to Carina, originally started it's life as The Maverick Millionaire's Christmas Fairy. Maverick told me a lot about the hero and the Christmas Fairy, the heroine. After revs with M&B I had to change the title because it was no longer a Christmas story, so it because Maverick Millionaire, Musical Mistress. I liked both these titles but I changed the title again when I subbed to Carina (for a few reasons). It became HIS CHRISTMAS FAIRY.

But now, I have to brainstorm some ideas for a new title because Carina want to call it something different again. I'm not sure yet if they have any direction I need to follow so at the moment, I've been brainstorming with friends a list of titles I can send to my editor (will NEVER get tired of writing that) for consideration.

I'd love some help. So far (with the help of a couple of writing pals) I've come up with the list below:

One Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

Mistletoe Mix-Up

The Boss’s Christmas Fairy

His Christmas Dream

Her Christmas Wish

A Crash, A Fairy and A Christmas Baby

Yule Be Mine

I've ''bolded'' my favourites but would love some more suggestions, if anyone has any they'd like to add. It's a Christmas story about a boss and employee coming together after a one night stand involving a little bit of a mix-up. So, if you have any ideas, please comment.

Before I go though, the prize for most cringeworthy title so far goes to my lovely friend Nikki Logan who suggested ''Family Reception, Christmas Conception.'' BAHAHHAHAHA!


Sally Clements said...

Am thinking... What are the character's names? Also, maybe Christmas shouldn't be in the title, because they tend to go for 'holiday' rather than Christmas in the states... Maybe (if he's called Nate...for example).

If you went for Christmas, you could have...
All he wants for Christmas
A fairy in his stocking?
(although that sounds a bit cross-dressery)
A millionaire on her christmas list...

Rachael Johns said...

OOh I like those Sally. The characters are Cameron and Peppa. off to add 'All He Wants For Christmas' and 'A Millionaire On Her Christmas List' to my list. Thanks. x

Aideen said...

I think Mistletoe Mix-up says it all and I'd go with that from your list. Sounds intriguing and exciting all at once, plus you know you're going to be getting a Christmas themed romance.

I'm really really looking forward to this story!


Mel Teshco said...

Hi Rach!
I like YULE BE MINE if you're going for a xmas title. only other things I can think of:

If Wishes were Fairies

Accidental Hero

Jackie Ashenden said...

Don't ask me about titles. I'm hopeless with them!! I like All He Wants for Christmas. :-)

Rachael Johns said...

Aideen - Mistletoe Mix-Up is my fave too. Am really hoping Carina marketing dept like it too. And thanks again for your enthusiasm to read my book. I sincerely hope you're not disappointed. x

Mel - Yule Be Mine is my 2nd fave. I like Accidental Hero too but I think they'll want it to be christmasy. x

Never mind Jackie - you're fabulous at LOTS of other things. x

Lacey Devlin said...

Great titles Rach! The ones in bold are my favorites too.

scarlet wilson said...

The new medical author, Annie Claydon's October title is All She Wants for Christmas so I don't know if Carina have one so similar. Already gave you my suggestions Rach and I know they were rubbish! Hope you get a good one x

Marcy said...

Love 'Yule Be Mine'. Very punny...and I love a good pun.

Rachael Johns said...

Yay Lacey - glad you like them too. Now we'll just have to wait to the editors' verdict.

Susan - ooh, will definitely steer clear of that title then. Thanks :)

LOL Marcy - I LOVE a good pun to!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Strange - I tend not to sweat to much about titles as I've heard an agent nearly always changes them anyway and here are you having that very dilemma!

I've been thinking and can't come up with anything straight away other than, 'Santa's Baby.'

Sorry - not much help am I?
It might come to me in the middle of the night, if so I'll be back.

Well done on selling the story.
And good to make your acquaintance

warm wishes

Rachael Johns said...

Bluestocking Mum - LOVE your username :) I do like Santa's Baby but I'm sure I've heard of a BIG NAME author with that title recently. Thanks for finding me... when I have time later tonight (lol), I'll find your blog :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Rach,
Mistletoe Mix-Up is very catchy and says a lot about the story.

Suz :)

Amanda said...

I am loving Mistletoe Mix Up too Rach... go girl - I am so so so thrilled for you!


Rachael Johns said...

Thanks Suz and Amanda. My editor has sent the suggestions to the people who make the decisions and we're both hoping for Mistletoe Mix-Up too. x