Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've been a BAD, BAD... Blogger!

You may not have noticed my absence but I've been away for a while. And sadly, not blogging has corresponded to not writing much either.

The supermarket buying has overtaken pretty much everything in our life at the moment, but hopefully once we're settled next year and hubby is slaving away in the shop, I'll have more time again to devote to my writing.

Now every year I do a few posts at the end of the year/beginning of the next. I usually do one of all the books I've read - yep, I keep a list. It's about the only organised thing I do. And then I usually do one about my goals for the year and whether I achieved them. Then there's another post about what my goals for the new year are.

So as well as wishing all you wonderful Blog Friends a very brilliant Christmas and a contract-filled new year, I thought I'd take today to do my round up of 2010, which I'm not expecting was as productive as I'd intended.

Here's my goals for 2010 and how I went with them:

Goal #1:
Finish revisions on the partial of 'Maverick Millionaire, Musical Mistress' and sub to the editor I'm working with. - I did this. Eventually got an R on the full but with the request to sub a new partial. I then subbed this mss to Carina and currently have revs from them on the full.

Goal #2:
Read more! - I didn't think I'd read that much but when I look at my list, I've actually churned through quite a few books. Always room for more though :)

Goal #3:
Finish 'OHHN' and sub to Superromance. - FAIL!! I actually realised that this book failed epic-ly in the conflict department, so I've filed it in that metaphorical bottom drawer for now :(

Goal #4:
Enter the eharlequin Superromance pitch - decided against this in the end as I didn't have a full mss because I'd been working on mss for Modern Heat instead.

Goal #5:
Attend 'Romancing The West' and the 'Romance Writers of Australia conference' in Coogee. - check! And they were both awesome!

Goal #6:
Rewrite 'Falling For His Magic' and sub to Modern Heat. - Oh dear... did I actually want to do that!? Maybe one day...

Non-writing goals

Goal #1:
Lose another six kilos! Yeah baby!!! - Epic FAIL. Last year was a much better diet year than this one :(

Goal #2:
Finish Trouble's baby photo scrapbook and make a start on His Lordship's! - FAIL AGAIN!!!

Things I achieved that weren't on my list but I'm happy about:
*Finalled in THREE RWA Oz contests.
*Wrote a new partial for M&B and subbed to the ed I've been working with.
*Started a Single Title.
*Started a new category idea.
*Went back to teaching one day a week.
*Kept my kids alive!!

Hope other people are doing reflection posts as I love to read how far people have come in a year. In the next few days I'll do a post about the books I read this year :)

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Lacey Devlin said...

You've been missed Rach! I'm glad the supermarket is coming together now. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas xx