Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for Christmas...


Well, actually I can think of a zillion things I'd rather have but I was lucky enough to get one of these today.

Lucky you might think is a strange word. You'd probably be right.

But let me try and explain!

I'll start at the beginning. In 2006 I decided I wanted to write Mills and Boon category romance. I read as many as I could get my hands on and fell in love with them. I joined RWA Australia and fell in love with the brilliant people that are also members. I've made so many really good friends through my writing. In 2008, I came runner-up in the Mills & Boon Feel The Heat contest and got to work with and submit directly to an editor. Since subbing my first story, I've had two full requests, revisions and never a form R.

I've worked as hard as I could in between having two babies and working a part time job. I've held onto the dream...

I've consistently failed in getting good internal conflict on the page. I've done a darn good job of making my stories contrived - even though I'm still struggling to see this myself. I've thought that I've come up with original story lines and likeable characters but I keep being told that I'm rehasing plot points I've already read. I HONESTLY don't see this and I figure if I can't work out where I'm going wrong, then how the hell am I gonna get it right.

This business isn't easy and only the persistent make it. I'm not feeling very persistent at the moment, I'm bawling my eyes out in fact. Hey,... see... I can do emotional! The worst thing about this R is that I've been working with an editor for almost two years now and today, she sent me back to the slush pile. That kicks!

But if there's one thing an R makes me realise, it's what I do have in life. I'm so damn blessed in all the other areas of my life that who am I to spend too much time wallowing on something like this.

I have a roof over my head.
My family are healthy and happy.
I have a loving, caring, hard-working and devoted husband.
I have three adorable but cheeky healthy boys.
I have a mother who would do absolutely anything for me and my family.
I have friends. Good ones.
I have food in my fridge and clean water coming out of my tap.
If I want something, I can generally buy it.

So I want to take this time to thank God for the good things in my life and to focus on what matters.

I'm coming into a really busy time. I don't know what this means for my writing or where I'm going to go after this latest R, but I want to thank you all who read my blog for always being so supportive and fantastic.

I want to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a very happy 2011.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Thanks, Rachael. :)

I'm sorry about your R too. It stinks that it's right before Christmas, but oh well. Onward and upward.

HUGS and Merry Christmas!!

susanwilson44 said...

You already know what I think honey - don't lose heart, give yourself a break, sort out your moves and start writing again. That story deserves to be finished x

Together We Save said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Maisey said...

Hey, Rach, I'm so sorry. If you want to email me, I'd love to chat with you.

Keep the faith dear. IC is not an easy thing to get. Category is not an easy thing to get. Good for you for chasing your dream, you're a brilliant example to those two beautiful kids of yours.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Ah, sweetheart, big hugs from over the ditch to you. Susan is right, don't lose heart. Keep writing. Persistence in this business is everything. You can DO it. We believe in you and your writing.
Always there for you okay?

Marcy said...

Ah, sending lots of hugs your way. R's sting no matter what, but I think being so close must make it sting just a little bit more. But this is just a bump in the road. You will get there, and when you do you'll look back on this as one of those pivital learning experiences. Hang there, Rachel.

Felicity Roger said...

Have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy your blessings and in the New Year, regroup and refocus. Rejection is all part of the journey, so the sooner you get them behind you the sooner you can move on to the good bits.

Merry Xmas to you and yours.

Rachael Thomas said...

Keep at it Rachael,keep chasing that dream and good luck for your future writing.

Kez said...

Keep at it Rachael - I think you can make it!

Joanne Coles said...

Hugs, Rach. So sorry you got one of those nasty things and especially that it should come right before Christmas.

The others are right, take a while to work out what you're going to do and they go right after it :-)

Have a great Christmas, happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hugs Rach. Keep your chin up, there are good *writing* things ahead for you.

Merry Christmas!

Joanne Dannon said...

Oh Rach - massive hugs, I'm sorry to hear of your R, especially after all the re-writes you've done.

You've worked so, so hard especially juggling the boys, husband, work, home etc etc....

Take some time out, recharge and when you are ready, get back to it. You are a good writer and it's only a matter of time you will nail it - I know you can do it!!!!

Hugs, Joanne

Lacey Devlin said...

((HUGS)) Rach I'm so sorry to hear about your R and being sent back to the slush pile but perhaps that's just what needed to happen for you to have an amazing 2011 with a fresh slate.

I love your writing and I know I'll see your name on the shelves someday soon xx

beck nicholas said...

Hugs you.
You have so much on. Do NOT waste time beating yourself up. Move on, take a lesson from it and SHOW THEM!!

Anita Joy said...

Big (((hugs))) Rach. Hope Santa has a big sack full of cheer for you tomorrow. Just don't give up. To have achieved what you have means you have a bucketful of talent.

Enjoy the festive season, make your big move and settle in, then I bet you'll be ready to climb that next rung to publiscation.

Merry Christmas, m'dear.

Rachael Johns said...

How can I thank you all enough? You are all so lovely and make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Jennifer - commiserations on yours too. But onward and upward it is.

Susan - thanks for your thoughts. They mean a lot.

Maisey - thanks so much. I'd love to chat about it actually but won't bother you until after Christmas :)

Jackie - thanks. Don't know what I'd do without my email buddies. x

Rachael Johns said...

Marcy - I know you're right and that we learn something every step of the way. I'm a strong believer in things happening for a reason and I guess this is just one of those things.

Felicity - too true! How's your crime novel coming along btw?

Thanks Rachael - so lovely to see you hear. And love the spelling of your name :)

Kez - hope you're right!

Rachael Johns said...

Joanne C - thanks for your sympathy! Here's hoping next year's better hey?

Tam - thanks muchly. And nice to see ya here too :)

Joanne D - thanks for always being there with a sympathetic ear x

Lacey - thanks for saying you love my writing! I love YOU!

Beck - thanks for them fighting works x

Anita - thanks! I'll take some time but I don't think I could give up :)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Rachael, so sorry about the R. I had a little sniffle on your behalf. But when I read your list of blessings I really started to tear up. LOL. You are so right. We need to remember to be grateful for all that we have.

With a little step back and a chance to think about it, I bet the New Year will bring clarity on that pesky IC. Wishing you the best in 2011!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh Rach, sorry about the R.

Take a deep breath and keep on keeping on. You'll get there, I'm sure of it.

Also I love how you count your blessings - it's so important to do.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the coming year be filled with happiness and success!

Sami Lee said...

So sorry Rach. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and are taking this time to recharge. You're right, there so much to be thankful for you can 'relax' about this one thing for a while (and that's all it is, one part of an already full and busy life!). In the new year you can think about where to go from here. All the best, Sami

joanne pibworth said...

arriving late but with a big glass of something fizzy to revive your flagging spirits. And you know what Rach? Your list of good stuff is pretty amazing, having good health for you and yours is just about the best thing ever, the rest can come in time.
And it will - because you want it so much, and are a damn good writer. Wishing you all you wish for in 2011! xx

Rachael Johns said...

Anne - lol, if only I could make the eds tear up, hey!? Thanks for the best wishes for 2011, same right back at ya. :)

Eleni - thanks re the blessings. It's something I have to remind myself but it's worth reminding. Hope you have great happiness and success too :)

Thanks Sami - sometimes I wish I wasn't one of those women that want it all, hey? :)

Oh Joanne - I could sooooooooo do with that fizzy tonight. Sounds good! And thanks for the kind words too. How's your ST coming along? :)