Sunday, February 21, 2010

Worrying for worrying's sake!

Yep - that's me. As if I don't have enough to focus on with the mss I'm polishing up to sub and the fabulous course I'm doing on motivation, I've decided to add in something else.

I spent almost ALL day yesterday working myself up into a state trying to think of a new Modern Heat idea for my NEXT mss.

My reasoning being that one way or another - I'll need to start a new story soon. If the editor LOVES my mss and I get that elusive CALL (hey, a gal can dream), then I'll need to write another for them and another and another. If the editor doesn't think I've quite got there, then hopefully she'll be happy to look at a new submission, which means I'll need to write another.

In the past I haven't had problems coming up with characters or a cute-meet/hook to get them meeting BUT now I've learnt a lot more, I realise that isn't enough.

I need to think about conflicts, making them opposites in some ways but with things in common enough to make them fall in love, motivations, believable backstories and of course what happens between 1k and 50k.

I've got this fabulous hero I want to write and his backstory is pretty developed (it may even push those BOUNDARIES editors keep mentioning), even think I have his conflict. And I've got a gorgeous heroine who needs a little bit more developing but I can't for the LIFE OF ME work out how they meet!!!

And personally this bit is really important for me. I've been bored in a stories a lot lately cos the h&H meet in such a mundane way. So I'm getting ahead of myself and stressing!

Anyway I'm really just rambling here and letting you know that I've been working hard on my current MH sub and stressing about the next one, which is why my posts have been VERY few and far between.

Hope everyone else is too busy writing up a storm to have noticed my absence!!!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I missed you :)

You do know that if you stop worrying then you'll suddenly come up with a super duper idea??

HEY - stop throwing things!!

Just give yourself time to day dream and the right idea will come along. I promise.

And you are going to get The Call. Its not IF its WHEN.


Rachael Johns said...

Aw Caitlyn!! Can I keep you!?

Just have to say I haven't commented loads lately but I LOVE your blog!


Janette Radevski said...

Stop worrying! It will all fall into place and yes - I agree you WILL get THE CALL.

As Caitlyn said - the bestest (not the great grammar) idea will come to you when least expected.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Stop stressing - listen to the wisdom of Cait & Janette.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Yeah, don't worry, you'll get there! Just concentrate on the one you're doing and the new idea will pop up right when you DON'T want it to. :-)

Mel Teshco said...

Have faith in yourself Rach! Sometimes just getting hthose words on paper sees everything fall into place =)

Lacey Devlin said...

I missed you!

Hmm.. did I just admit I haven't been working hard?

How my hero and heroine meet is really important to me too, and I usually get my brain wave while I'm out and about. Keep those eyes peeled (chocolate always helps...)

Suzanne Jones said...

Sometimes you can think about things too much. I agree with everyone who suggested you stop worrying and have faith - it will all work out.

Rachael Johns said...

You guys are ALL so wonderful. If only you were all editors, I'd be a happy gal. Actually I'm pretty happy anyway.

And you'll be glad to know that at 1am the other morning, the idea hit for how my future h&H will meet!

joanne pibworth said...

Good to see you back, and even better to hear that you've been struck by inspiration. See, everyone was right, a day or two of trying not to wrack your brains can do wonders.
You know what I like to do for ideas (usually on a Sunday with a big mug of coffee)?
My dh buys the Sunday Times, which is mahoosive isn't it? I love to sit down with it with my head in 'ideas' mode and scour the stories and photo's for inspiration. It's amazing! Fact is very definately stranger than fiction, it really helps to spark ideas off.
Probably would be less useful if he brought the Sun, haha!
Anyway, lots of luck - for your writing, and for that call that WILL come one day soon. x