Sunday, February 1, 2009

LA anyone?

I can't help it... I get cranky when I'm not writing, so although I'm NOT technically writing... I'm working on an idea (in my head). Only prob is my idea MUST be set in LA... I think it starts at the Academy Awards but I've NEVER been anywhere near America before.

Have any of you written books in places you haven't been? I worry that even if I research, research, research it won't sound bona fide. How do you research place? Oh and has anyone actually been to Hollywood? If so... wanna read my next mss when I've finished? :)


Jan Mader said...

Thanks so much for coming to my blog, Racheal! I love what you write...since my blog is for writers too, please keep coming back.

My hope is that writers and teachers will share their own ideas or ask more questions to inspire more creative writing activities! I really really like talking to other writers.

I've never been to Hollywood, but I'll bet you will find plenty of people who have...I'll pass your blog on to my traveling friends! Come back soon!

Jackie said...

Nup, never been to Hollywood either. But don't let that stop you writing about it. I've read some Modern Heat where the location details are somewhat vague so I'm sure you can get away with writing it having never been there.

Also, remember that Google Earth is your friend. One of my current wips is set in London and though I've been there, it was 10 years ago, so I've been using Google Earth to do a virtual walk down the Embankment. Lord, I love the web!

Suzanne said...

Sorry, I've never been.

But I think Jackie's made a good point about Google Earth.

Joanne said...

Hi Rach - love your idea. I've been to LA & Hollywood so happy to help (plus my Aussie cousin now lives in LA).

Also, have you got Nicola Marsh's "Purchased for Pleasure"? cos it's set in LA - it not, I'll loan you mine.

Chat more soon :)

Lucy said...

Sorry, Rach, never been to LA.

The internet is my best friend. Google Earth and Images and whatnot. I have great fun 'researching' places. Don't think details matter too much, unless they're glaringly wrong.

I remember reading a book once where one of the characters visited the place where I live. Apparently a pretty little white inland village perched on the top of a hill. Which is odd (and irritating) when my town is on the coast and has a pop of 200,000...

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks Jan!

Jackie - thanks for the Google Earth tip. I'm always sooooo paranoid about writing about a place I haven't been but you're right, often the setting in MH is quite mimimal... if ya know what I mean.

Joanne - thanks for the reminder about Nic's Purchased For Pleasure, I'll have to dig it out again!

Lucy - your example is what I fear!!! And ain't the internet just fabulous dahling :)

Felicity said...

I have been to Hollywood and I lived in the USA for two years, so if I can help let me know. If your characters are American just watch twists in the language. But everything else you need to know you can get off the internet. If you are at the Academy Awards one might think not so much about location but more about clothes etc. Anyway, if you need any help let me know.

Rachael Johns said...

Felicity - thanks for the offer... when I get around to writing, I'll definitely take you up on it. I think my hero is American (so will have to watch his dialogue) but am thinking my heroine will have lived most of her life in Australia :)