Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been quiet for a while cos life seems just a wee bit crazy - we've been away for a few days, High-Maintenence started school and hubby has been working like crazy trying to get a temporary supermarket organised.

Although the writing is never far from my mind... I haven't done anything much lately. Got a few books on Hollywood and stuff out of the library and am planning to start some research for my next wip this week. Usually I have a first scene and a title firmly in my vision before I start and right now I have two characters but absolutely no clue where to start or what to call the thing. I'm hoping inspiration will strike shortly.

Also... I'm currently discussing with a very good writing buddy the idea of collaborating on a wip for a bit of fun. We're targetting Superromance and I'm writing the hero and she's writing the heroine. The idea of writing with someone else has always intrigued me but I've never actually had the chance until now. 

Homework this week for our project is to write character charts and GMCs for our characters, then next week, we'll brainstorm plot.

So... I'm curious... have you ever collaborated or thought about it? How did it work? 


Jackie Ashenden said...

Hoping things are going well after the fire...
Wow, collaborating sounds very interesting! And no, I've never done it but I've always wondered how it works. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

Hey, any word on your full yet?

The Dribbler said...

I'm sure inspiration for your new wip will hit soon, Rach.
As for, that would be a very interesting exercise. The biggest advantage I could see would be in the creation of unique characters. The biggest disadvantage would be tying your two styles together so the narrative flows. But you could have a ball brainstorming plots and formulating some snappy dialogue exchanges.
Should be great fun. Good luck with it and don't forget to keep us posted.