Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Trisha Ashley loves writing Christmas books!

I think you all know I'm a sucker for Christmas books by now. No way am I going to read all the ones I want to this December (especially as I'm currently deep into a BIG rewrite) but when I saw Trisha's The Magic of Christmas pop up in my recommended books on Amazon, I knew I had to have it! And today I'm delighted to have the author herself talking about why she loves writing Christmas books....

Actually, I love writing all my books! But Christmas is a very special time for me and scenes of the season and all its festivities tend to sneak into several of my novels even when they are not specifically about Christmas.

I always seem to be writing about winter during the spring and summer, but that’s okay, because while working I am inside a little snow globe, my head full of carols and the scent of the new recipes I’m trying out spicing the air.

Christmas is all about anticipation and mystery, giving and sharing, and the chance to get together with your loved ones to celebrate. Oh, and the food….

Ah yes – there can be no hiding the fact that I love to cook up a storm at Christmas! Christmas cakes and puddings, mincepies and mincemeat flapjacks, spicy crisp biscuits to hang on the tree…. I’ve already made two Christmas cakes this year – one for my The Magic of Christmas book launch – and this weekend I will be making two more. So just picture me in my kitchen (the only room in my house that is not full of packing cases after my recent move): see, there I am, wearing my black Day of the Dead pinafore patterned with jolly skeletons dressed in bright fiesta clothes, stirring up a huge bowl of rum-scented fruits and candied peel. A CD of cheesy Christmas pop songs is playing in the background and the dog is sitting hopefully under the worktop, staring up at me with famished eyes as if I haven’t fed him for a month.

Happy Christmas – and lots of happy reading too, everyone!

BLURB: The Magic of Christmas

In the pretty Lancashire village of Middlemoss, Lizzy is on the verge of leaving her cheating husband, Tom, when tragedy strikes. Luckily she has welcome distraction in the Christmas Pudding Circle, a group of friends swapping seasonal recipes -- as well as a rivalry with local cookery writer Nick over who will win Best Mince Pie at the village show! Meanwhile, the whole village is gearing up for the annual Boxing Day Mystery Play. But who will play Adam to Lizzy's Eve? Could it be the handsome and charismatic soap actor Ritch, or could someone closer to home win her heart? Whatever happens, it promises to be a Christmas to remember! Previously published as Sweet Nothings, Trisha has extensively reworked the original novel with fabulous new extra material.

Sunday Times bestselling author Trisha Ashley’s latest book, The Magic of Christmas, is out now. Visit her website at to write in her guestbook, email or join her newsletter group. You can also find her at her Facebook fanpage, on Twitter @trishaashley and hear her talking about her work on Youtube.


Cathryn Hein said...

I'm with you, Trisha. LOVE Christmas food and cooking. Fruit mince pies, mmmmmm. But my favourite is the piles of fresh seafood. So perfect for our hot weather. Not to mention delicious!

Cooking, a small village setting, romance - The Magic of Christmas sounds right up my alley. Definitely one for my buy list.

Jenny Schwartz said...

Trisha, I was just thinking last night of my Christmas reads and re-reading your "Twelve Days of Christmas" was way up there on my to do list. I love it! Then again, "The Urge to Jump" is one of my very favouritest books.

beck nicholas said...

Food + romance! Sounds completely fab!!

My fave Chrissy food is anything I don't have to cook. Having hubby around more helps a little with this but his mum is the best (she was a cooking teacher before she retired).

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