Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Book That Won't End

Forgive me for the title, I'm reading Harry Potter with my oldest son at the moment and therefore am in a 'He Who Must Not Be Named' mood.

Anyway, I thought I'd just say HI quickly because I know I've been very quiet lately. It's because I've been writing. I know... who could guess? :) Unfortunately that means I've barely been reading anything and have been hanging out little on Facebook, so I really have little interesting to say.

Except I thought you should all start praying that I finish this book soon. It is now 99,000 words and refuses to end. It reminds me of that song my sons sing to irritate the hell out of me. You know, ''The Song That Never Ends.''

I hope to be able to report by the end of the week that this book has been banished to the drawer to sit for a month or so, but in the mean time, has anyone else got any stories of writing a novel that simply refused to finish?


Jackie Ashenden said...

Yes, my chess player refuses to let me go. But I'm only at 40k so it's not that it won't end, it's just that the thing has been a MONSTER to write. :-)

Anita Joy said...

*snap* I've just finished reading the Philosopher's Stone to my boys . They are now begging for the next one and aren't impressed I've told them they need to be older, lol.

Mel Teshco said...

YES!!! Writing 'Believe'(100k) took, ah, years, instead of the months I imagined it would LOL! But that's mostly because it was co-authored and excruciatingly slow (read: compromises)! A learning curve, that's for sure! LOL

Lacey Devlin said...

LOL! Were you expecting it to be 50K book, Rach? It's a very impressive word count. I love stories that don't end when I thought they would. They're always fun to write.

scarlet wilson said...

Now come on girl! Here I am, patiently waiting for this book to be finished so I can read it!!
Hurry up and type The End!

Rachael Johns said...

Jackie - sympathies on the chess player. I cannot WAIT to read it though, love the idea of a chess hero!

Anita - I've read one and two to our seven year old but am stopping at three. He'll have to wait another year or so. Also said no movies until they've read the corresponding book :)

Mel - I can imagine writing with another person would make things more complicated. Length of time too.

Lacey - LOL no, it was supposed to be between 85-95k. It's my first single title in a while.

Scarlet - am doing the best I can :)