Monday, June 21, 2010

Good-bye Cam and Peppa!

Well... I asked for speed in my last email and I got it. A speedy R delivered to my inbox tonight.

As far as R's go it was nice. The editor said that my full had been passed onto Bryony Green (senior ed for Modern Heat) but that she'd regrettably decided to pass on the mss. There was no mention of underdeveloped conflicts or not enough emotion. I was praised on my 'wonderfully accessible and engaging voice' and told that there was a lovely bond between my characters and the sensuality WAS there just NOT ENOUGH.

Interesting enough the ed suggested I may like to try my voice on for the Romance line and see how it fits. Interesting because over the past few years I've had times where I've really wondered if I'm fitted to Modern Heat. I think my voice is young, sassy and flirty enough but I'm not sure I'm really confident with that push-the-boundaries level of sensuality. Love reading it but always wondered if I actually did it justice in my own writing. Well... apparently not.

I'm not gonna say I'm not disappointed. Of course I'm gutted. But on the bright side, I have passed many landmarks during this sub. I got revisions on the story and I know it got passed up the ladder, so I figure I must be doing something right.

Onwards and upwards hey? Once I work out where the heck that is...


Anne MacFarlane said...

Hugs on the R, Rachael.

Have you thought of sending it to Desire?

abbi said...


Saw your post on subcare and just wanted to pop in and say: DON'T GIVE UP!

I know it's hard, (actually I don't because I haven't gotten a full request before) but I think you were VERY close.

You could try subbing to Desire but I think they're two totally different lines. You might want to try Carina, though. Or save it for a future revision.

Big hugs coming your way.

Abbi :-)

susanwilson44 said...

Sorry to hear about your R. R's suck. Congrats on getting so far though, its a real achievement. Did you get the option to submit something else? Some of the romance authors are definitely sassy and maybe you will fit in there well, who knows, give it a try!

Maisey said...

Hey Rach, that really sucks. But, it sounds like you made it far and that the ed who passed it to Bryony believed in it.

Since there's re-branding going on with Romance and MH, a fun flirty romance will likely end up being put out with the MH's. (no one panic- this doesn't change the submission process, this is UK branding)

I'm really sorry anyway. Cyber hugs and chocolate.

Mira Lyn Kelly said...

((Hugs)) Rach,
No matter how you slice them R's are no fun (I've had A LOT of experience with them, I know). As you said, it might just be a matter of finding the fit. Hang in there and you'll nail it. You have an awesome voice!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oh, Rach, so GUTTED for you!!! That was a fab story and you worked really hard.
But echoing everyone here, DON'T GIVE UP. Like Mira said, you have such a great voice. You WILL get there my dear.
Big hugs.

Robyn said...

Rach, so sorry to hear about your R. Having it handed to Bryony is great though. I've had that same 'write for Romance' suggestion on an MH sub and I think it comes down to picking the line that plays to your strengths.

Hugs and cyber goodies,

Robyn :-)

Aideen said...

Sorry to hear about the R, Rach and I know you're probably allergic to pep talks but to know that your ms went as far as B Green has to give you some comfort. I guess it's kinda like when someone breaks their arm and people say that they're lucky it was only one arm when really, wouldn't it have been luckier to break neither???

If you didn't care about the R it would mean you didn't care about your writing so that in itself should see you back at the drawing board relatively soon. In the mean time, might I suggest sulking, throwing things and asking yourself some very silly questions? But only for a day or two, then get back to what you love doing best and show the eds that you can take advice and make it shine.

All the best,

Becca J. Heath said...

Hey you,
Absolutely heartbroken for you.
Don't give up, would be crazy when you are SO CLOSE.

Cathryn Brunet said...

I'm so, so disappointed for you, Rach. R's are horrid even when they're as good as the one you just received. But you know you have the conflict and emotion sorted so it's just a matter of finding your home.

Keep at it, m'dear, and seek out that home cos you're far too talented and possess too wonderful a voice to not be published.

Lacey Devlin said...

((HUGS)) Rach! I'm so sad for you.

A big yay on getting it passed on B Green though! I'm so psyched for you :). As for pushing sensuality I struggle with that too and often eye off the Romance line :) can't wait to hear what you decide for your next one xx

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks so much everyone! you are all so wonderful and gorgeous!

I'm taking time like you suggest to mourn this sub but I WILL BE BACK!!!

Maybe Romance... maybe a US line! We'll see!


Just Nicki said...

Keep at it Rach, you know you are close. Worth considering maybe trying the Romance line. The editors do know their stuff.

If the sensuality wasn't there for MH not sure it will be there for Desire, they can be pretty sensual too!

What one editor doesn't like another will love!

Marcy said...

(((Hugs))) Hang in there, Rachel. With all that feedback, you must be close. It's just around the corner...

Angie Peters said...

(((Hugs))) Oh, Rach - I really, really feel for you. Fantastic that the ms was passed up to the senior ed. They obviously love your voice. Hang in there!

Joanne Dannon said...

Rach - I'm gutted for you :(

You'd done so well with the revisions, I was sure they were going to love Cam and Peppa.


But good news that your mss was passed to a senior ed!!

Take time to read and rest. And then on to your next mss - I know you can do it!!!!!

Natalie Anderson said...

Hugs from me too Rach - so gutting. Cry, have chocolate, then lose your heart in another story...
But if you wanted to try this one with another line - maybe think about Super over Desire - the sensuality varies in Super and they have some wonderfully flirty, fun stories - but less of the fantasy billionaires bit... just a thought?
But hugs for today anyway

joanne pibworth said...

aw man Rach, so close,i'm gutted for you.
As everyone has said, once you find the perfect place for your voice you will be away.
Sending you a big cyber gin and a consoling hug.


Janette Radevski said...

You know you are fab right? Well you are. Don't let this R stop you Rach cause I know you can do this. Onwards and upwards.

Christina Phillips said...

((Hugs)) Rach. So sorry about the pass. It's no consolation but I do know how you feel. You will make it - sometimes it does take a little while to find the exact right fit for your voice. x

Rachael Johns said...

Oh my gosh I am just soooooooo lucky to have all you fabulous people around me to make me feel better!

Robyn - yes I think I recall you getting told the Romance thing too. I just wish they'd told me AGES ago - lol.

Aideen - love the broken arm anthology :)

I know my mss isn't suited to Desire but Nat, I have considered Supers for a while. Am gonna give it a few days and then rejig a bit I think x

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sorry about the R but you are definitely moving onwards and upwards. As why not go for Romance. After all Nikki Logan was targeting another line & she's now published with Romance. Find what you feel is right for you!