Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ahh... that got ya didn't it? What woman doesn't love a good gossip sesh?

My goss might not excite you as much as a good scandal though! The news is that last week, Thursday to be precise, I sent off my full mss to the editor I'm working with at M&B. Got a confirmation back that day and immediately began to quake in my fluffy pink slippers!! Trying to NTAI but you know... it's really rather pointless even trying.

In other news... today is Mother's Day down under and hubby has banished me from housework and told me to read all day!! Ahhh... the hardships.

I'm reading one of my auto-buy authors - Lisa Jewell. Her eighth book 'After The Party' is about what happens after the Happy Ever After of her first ever hero and heroine. I'm only a little way in but loving it!!!

So on that note, Happy Mother's Day to all those mummies out there!! I'm off to read.


Janette Radevski said...

Happy Mother's Day Rach!

As you know, am GREEN as that you've ventured into NTAI land while I still wollow in yet-to-finish-my-two-unfinished-ms's.

Enjoy your day of reading - well deserved my friend.

joanne pibworth said...

Good on ya! Doesn't that officially make it time to buy shoes?

Fingers crossed that your wait isn't too long, and that it ends with a big old victory dance!

Happy Mothers Day, sounds like a perfect plan. x

Anne MacFarlane said...

Happy Mothers Day.

Best of luck with your submission. Hope this is the one.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay, Rach!!! Here's to lots of NTAI. :-) Crossing fingers for you m'dear!!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol yes, you did get me, but I thought it was gosh. lol..
I hope you had a lovely mother's day Rach.
Let's hope this one is it!

Suz :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy Mother's Day! Got my fingers crossed for your latest and greatest :D

Rachael Johns said...

Thank you so much everyone - you are all so wonderful and lovely!

Maisey said...

Way late, Rach, but yeah, Happy Mother's day. And it sounds like you had a good one!