Friday, July 3, 2009

Still above water - just!

Hey lovely blog readers

Just thought I'd let you know that posts might be few and far between in July! Not only am I sick at the moment (yaya) but July is looking to be a full-on crazy month.

I'm off to Perth with my mum and the heroes-in-training for a few days next week, where I plan to catch up with wonderful old friends and hit the toy sales. When I get back, I'll be working two days (I NEVER usually work during the week), then have mother-in-law and other family coming to stay for the weekend and then a lovely friend coming to stay for a few days after that. Somewhere in there, I'm also having a bra party (yes, I know... all I wear is Bonds Maternity but still...) for a friend who's just become a consultant. Oh and on the 17th Trouble turns three and I was crazy enough to invite EVERYONE from PG, which means I'll be baking for days beforehand and recovering for days after!

Writing....?? I'm gonna be realistic and aim for 200w a day in July!

Oh and for those of you who've been lovely enough to enquire, I still haven't heard from Mills & Boon on either the proposals I sent or the partial I subsequently sent. Gotta learn a lot of patience in this business, doncha!!


Anne McAllister said...

Have a good month, Rach. And yes, 200 words a day will add up. Not too hard to squeeze out that much time. Enjoy yourself!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Rach, you are superwoman! Have a lovely time in Perth and make sure you look after yourself and get better.

All that and 200w a day? Go for it girl. Dedication will get you everywhere (as will patience - tho God knows I hate that part as much as you do!). ;-)

Janette Radevski said...

Sounds pretty full on! Have a great time in Perth, lovely city, pity I didn't get enough time to see it last month.

Lorraine said...

Busy being headless chicken myself at the mo but had to do a quick blog check, it's addictive :-)
I reckon you deserve a special cyber award for patience BTW. I hope you get some good news soon.

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm so glad I made you smile you poor thing! I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup and I hope you get better soon!

I don't suppose you want to take me to Perth with you? I love Perth (even when I can't feel my toes :) ).

Wow I can't wait to hear how the baking goes. It sounds traumatic to me but that might just be because sometimes a cupcake is traumatic to me ;) It all depends on how much "help" you're getting.

It's great that you have a writing goal when you sound like you won't be sleeping for the next month :) That right there is dedication! How long has the wait been now on your proposals?