Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can I ask your opinion?

As you know I've finished my partial targetting Modern Heat and will soon send it to M&B. As this is still a semi-go-on (is that even a phrase) from the Feel The Heat contest, I'm hoping the editor will say whether or not she likes it and why and give me an idea, if she requests the full, of where she'd like the story to go. Knowing this, I had decided to stop writing this story until I hear back on the partial. 

So here's my dilemma...

We know that it can take months to hear back on a partial and sometimes leaving a piece of writing for too long means getting out of the tone and feel of the story and being unable to get back in properly. 

If I don't continue the story, I might lose it's special thang but if I do, I might be writing in a direction that the editor doesn't want me to go, thus causing myself a whole load of rewriting headaches.

Also, I wrote this partial for Modern Heat but if they don't feel it's suitable for them, I have ideas about how to rewrite it for Superromance, so I feel it would be best to wait until I hear something and hope I can get back the zest I currently have for it. 

Then comes ANOTHER dilemma... what to do while I'm waiting and NTAI!!! Do I rewrite an old story that has the barebones of potential or start a completely new one and write specifically for Superromance so that if MH doesn't like me, I've got some eggs in another basket.

Help?? What's your opinion?!

Oh and if you understand any of these ramblings... you deserve an AWARD!!


Becca J. Heath said...

How hard do you find re-writing? How much of a roll are you on with RHRT. Are the otehr ideas begging to be written.
I guess having kid-limits on time i'm trying to use that as best i can. Two things are key, what will get you closer to a sale, and what you can write fast. Cos books take such a long time to write.
There. haven't helped at all!

Amanda Holly said...

It looks like we're in the same boat! I'm also in the throes of finishing my ms which was requested at the end of the Feel The Heat comp.

I also went through all the mental anguish of am I doing the right thing when I totally changed my ms. And no, I haven't finished yet so I haven't subbed it either.

Finish the story - go with your gut. If it's not what the ed wants then you've gained more writing experience, you've gone through the whole process of subbing and you will be ready to move on to write the next book. Well, that's how I'm thinking anyway!

I wouldn't go back to something old but rather start something new - unless of course you are totally enraptured by the old ms! You'll probably find that your writing style has become more fluid and going back might hold you back where starting something new may allow you to flourish.

That's my 2cents worth! Love the blog by the way - makes me feel I am not alone out there!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Rach, I'm with Amanda. Finish the story. I'm finding at the moment that the story I start with is usually waaaay different at the end. You might find the same. And I reckon you know - deep down - if the direction you're going in isn't what the editor wants. Feel free to pass your synop by me for an opinion if you want. Not that I know much, not being an editor, but it might help.

As to your other dilemma, I really think that with category you should probably write specifically for the category you're targetting. Write the new story and target to Supers. That's just my opinion though.

And, BTW, MH would be mad not to like you. :-)

Lorraine said...

Hmm, it's hard but I think I'd probably carry on with the story if it were me. Suppose they come back and say they love it and want to see your full? At least this way you can write it under less pressure.

If you really want to take a break from it I'd start something completely new using everything you've learned to this point.

Selfishly I hope you stick with MH and they sign you up quick because I want to read you and I'm not so into Superromance!

Lucy King said...

I say carry on too, while it's fresh - but then I'm the person who writes 20k of rubbish and then has to delete it all, so don't listen to me!

Lacey Devlin said...

Hey Rach!

I agree! I know what you mean about losing your tang it can be really hard to get back into the groove if you leave a story for a long time. I did it once and it ended up with a good front and a bad back end and then there's extra editing ;) Plus this way when the editor requests the full (which of course she will) you'll have it ready to go :)

Cathryn said...

I'm with everyone else. Finish the book. It'll be worth it for the writing experience.

Besides, I want to know what happens!

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks everyone for your advice. Since the majority of you recommend continuing with RHRT (and you can't ALL be wrong) that's what I'm gonna do.

Have been busy polishing the partial and synopsis the last few days so haven't really don't much writing and am already feeling slightly out of the habit - tsk, tsk!!!

Felicity Roger said...

My advice is to trust yourself. Take what you have learnt from the feedback you already have and pour it, and your unique voice into finishing your manuscript. Now...to take my own advice.

Joanne Cleary said...

I'm late into this but I think everyone is right. Even if you finish and the editor wants changes, that is a step forward and you might have already incorporated those changes as you've written the book.

There's no reason why you can't plan what you would like to write next and have a think about some superromance ideas but finish the first book!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

I think finish the manuscript, Rach. If it doesn't work out, at a later date you have something to rewrite if needed.

Suz :)