Friday, April 3, 2009

Pets in MH?

I'm writing again! Yay! In the last week, I've written about 1500 words, which is good considering I'd been a writing desert for a long period before that. I think I'm SLOWLY finding my voice again. And, I'm having fun.

I've started writing the mss of one of the proposals I sent to M&B cos I have to do something!!

But... I've come to a dilemma. My heroine has suddenly told me she has a ferret (one of my other heroine's has one too and this new one came as a bit of a surprise) and she's just nipped back inside to grab it, but hang on... are Modern Heat heroines allowed to have pets? I'm trying to rack my brain for an animal in Modern Heat and I'm coming up short. So I'm throwing it over to you guys?

Anyone read of a pet in Modern Heat? Which one?? What was the animal? Was it a vital/big part of the story? Or... any other category lines?? 

Can't wait to hear!


B.H. Dark said...

I had a sick pigeon in Driving Him Wild (aka His For the Taking) which was my MH that was up for the Romance Prize. The hero, a park ranger specialising in bird conservation, brought it into the heroine's aunt's posh New York apartment and she pitched a fit. But then got to like it. I got a good bit of reader mail asking what happened to the pigeon.

My hero two or three books before that, in Delicious, had two pet chickens called Kiev and McNugget.

As with anything, I think it's all in the execution. As long as the pet doesn't upstage the romance, doesn't take up too much room, doesn't add unnecessary baggage (eg get in the way during sexual tension scenes or stop the heroine going away for a romantic weekend) and it's there for a good reason, there shouldn't be a problem.

B.H. Dark said...

(That's Julie Cohen by the way, not B.H. Dark. There are no pets in B.H. Dark's book. Only aliens.)

Jackie Ashenden said...

I've read quite a few that have had pets. I'm sure you'll be okay, Rach. Wot Julie said really. :-)

Anne McAllister said...

Not sure about Mod Heats, Rach, but I've got a veritable menagerie in Savas' Defiant Mistress -- a bloodhound, 5 kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish.

Like Julie said, don't let them upstage the hero and heroine, make sure they're there for a reason and you'll be okay. Don't do it just to do it. Gotta have a reason.

Lacey Devlin said...

I haven't Rach, but I fully embrace the ferret! There should be more ferrets. I should get a ferret... :)

Rachael Johns said...

THanks everyone!!

Julie - will have to hunt out that book as I KNOW I've got it and read it and it's all sounding VERY familiar now!!

Thanks Jackie - Julie is a wealth of wisdom, ain't she?

Anne - was gonna buy it anyway but now I can't wait for Savas' Defiant Mistress.

Lacey - lol. I couldn't agree more. Although I'm about to do an updated post on the ferret issue!

Lucy King said...

I think one of the MHs out this month on the M&B website starts with the hero buying a goldfish as a pet. I read the first chapter online...