Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life's To Do List...

My heroine has a LIFE TO DO LIST!

In no particular order:
*Skinny dip
*Learn to play a musical instrument
*Learn to surf
*Be an extra in a movie
*Show her art (marionette puppets) in a gallery
*Go on a spontaneous road trip
*Have a romantic dinner in Paris
*Go fishing
*Sky jump
*Learn to ride a motorbike
*Go to the theatre on my own.
*Swim with sharks
*Learn to cook real curry
*Go to Antarctica
*Gamble in Vegas
*Learn to speak Spanish
*Get a degree
*Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef
*Attend the Olympics
*Go to Octoberfest

I need more - any ideas? Please tell me what things you'd like to do before you die (which hopefully won't be for a VERY long time). I want radical things and some really mundane things too. 


Jackie Ashenden said...

Get a book published. Um...that's it.
Seriously, I can't think of anything else! How unimaginative is that??
Maybe go to Greece (2 hours in Athens airport doesn't count), go back to Prague, go shopping in London without having to worry about money (yes, I'm pretty shallow), stay for a week on Turtle Island in Fiji, become a martial arts master, learn how to fence...getting into the swing of it now... :-)

Sami Lee said...

I've always wanted to:

- learn to make and cook real pasta (while in Tuscany of course)

- Drink an espresso on the Champs Elyse (actually did it years ago but would love to do again)

- Sit on San Fransisco Bay while listening to Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

- Charter a yacht and sail the Witsundays

- Learn to dance Latin style

- Learn to kick box

I could go on and on...

Eleni Konstantine said...

Well that is one hell of a list already Rach!

Things that I would like to do that are not on the list:
~ learn to drive a manual car
~ of course like Jackie, get book published.
~ learn to play guitar
~ get all photo albums sorted!!!! and then digitized.
~ get through my TBR pile (cackle!!)
~ do an SLR photography course
~ have a long, relaxing holiday in Greece.

Lorraine said...

I'm really unimaginative too - Like the Jackie the first thing that springs to mind is get published!

Other wishes to fulfill:

- Live in a tiny chalet high up in the Swiss alps (like Heidi!)
- Travel the length of the Rockie mountains
- Cruise around the Maldives on a small yacht
- Get to the point where i can ski effortlessly without fear of bodily injury :-)

My other 'things to do' are too homey for your heroine I'm afraid - things like grow my own vegetables and complete a patchwork quilt (I am so sad!)

Rachael Johns said...

Thanks everyone - know I can always rely on you gals. And please... keep the suggestions coming!!


Felicity said...

Here goes;

To own an old Mercedes sports car
To have Dave Groll from the Foo Fighters play at my 50th birthday party
To shop in New York with an unlimited budget
To attend the Mens final of the French open (and not be sitting with the Gods)
To attend the Oprah show on the day she does all her give aways
Have Jimmy Choo design a pair of shoes just for me

And that is just the beginning. It took me a while to get started, but I could now go on forever. This also made me think of all the things that I have done of my 'to do' list and made me feel very blessed. And like Jackie, I should put to be published on the very top. I just thought that was a given.